Vacation Blue Caribbean volunteer diving conservation,

If you want to play an active role in protecting and managing our Marine Eco-Systems, then take action and make a difference.

You will experience a whole new level of access to incredible marine life. 

To book a Blue Caribbean Environmental Conservation expedition, please complete the BCEC Volunteer Form. Deposit payments can either be made by card, cheque or bank transfer. For further details, please contact us.

Vacation Blue Caribbean volunteer diving conservation,


HOW TO APPLY for a Volunteer Position:
4 Easy Steps


1.  Please read the Reference Manual before you apply so you know how the expedition is managed and what is expected.


2.  Complete and email the Volunteer Application Form to 


3.  We will send you a confirmation email on the availability and answer any further questions you may have in 2 to 5 days.
      At which point we will send you an electronic copy of the BCEC Reference Manual for you to print and a Medical
    Application Form which you will have to get your doctor to complete on your behalf.


4.  Please Email a completed Medical Application Form and Payment of the $50.00 USD deposit is required at the point.
     Balance of payment will be due 8 weeks prior to project start date. Before confirming your booking you will need to
     read, understand and agree to abide by​ Blue Caribbean Environmental Conservation's Rules and Regulations.




​​Please ensure you book your own flights and travel insurance and make your way to the in-country meeting point at the date and time specified in your Reference Manual. Blue Caribbean Environmental Conservation will arrange travel from the meeting point to the expedition site. See your Reference Manual for more information or contact Blue Caribbean if you have any questions. 

Caribbean Volunteer Diving Conservation,